We provide the consulting and hands-on help you will need to open a successful dog day care business.

            5 Day Consultation

With this package you will receive 5 full days of on-site consultation directly from me – not a trainee or subcontractor.

You will have total control of how we spend our time together and will focus on the areas you feel you need the most assistance with, Maybe you need help with your day care setup, reorganizing your day care, working with your employees or even looking at possible locations. I will custom-tailor the program to your needs, regardless of what they may be!

Included with the 5 days is a step-by-step instruction manual on how to open a dog day care and manage the digital wing of your business, an employee manual, sample business plan, and even e-mail and phone consultation in case you have any questions after I leave.

Priced for $5,899 below is a breakdown of this package:

  • Operations/employee manual (digital copy)
  • Sample 5-year dog day care business plan with profit and loss estimatess (digital copy)
  • Dog day care / Internet viewing manual (digital copy)
  • Assistance researching zoning regulations for your area
  • Advise on your a location
  • Advise on day care layout
  • Assistance with lease negotiations
  • 5 consecutive days of on-site consultation
  • Employee applications
  • 3 different books on dog training and behavior
  • 1 book on dog laws
  • 2 Pet first aid kits with manuals
  • 8 variety length leashes
  • 10 variety size collars
  • 8 dog toys
  • 7 hours of phone consultation
  • E-mail support

All my travel expenses are included in the consulting fee within the United States. There is an additional charge for consulting on-site outside of the United States and/or if you decide you want me to be at your location longer then the 5 days.

For questions regarding Doggie View’s consulting packages please e-mail me or call 1-866-DOG-VIEW. Please leave a message if you don’t catch me!

If you have e-mail spam control please look in your spam folder if you do not hear back from us within 48 hours.

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What's Being Said

I knew I loved dogs. I knew I had a good business background. But would I really love being in the dog business? That's why I attended Barbra's training at an established daycare - to see what day to day operations were like and whether I really wanted to pick up poo and mop pee after years of a cushy corporate lifestyle. The answer was a resounding YES! and Barbra taught me more than I could ever have expected. Better yet, she's still available for questions, advice and reassurance.

Anne Marie Hesson,
New Orleans Dog Nanny



Barbra Waldare