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    Company History

It has been quite a journey for Barbra Waldare. From teenage dog groomer to a prominent place as the leading expert in dog day care. She has moved from the East Coast to the West Coast, and is now deep in the heart of Texas with global travel in between. She has earned a world-class reputation in the pet industry. Now, Barbra is in the unique position of using her prior experience in pet care, combined with her Internet expertise, to help others establish and excel in their own dog day care operations. Barbra Waldare with dog

Born in Hackensack, New Jersey, Barbra entered the work force at an early age. Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, a local Dachshund breeder started her on what would become a career. Long afternoons at the kennel were her "boot camp" introduction to the world of pet care. From there, Barbra learned the retail side of the pet business working in a local pet store. She also learned the needs and desires of potential pet owners.

While employed, Barbra continued with her education and, as a part of a broader curriculum, selected in a pet-grooming course. Afterwards, she began work in a show dog kennel, and then as a groomer's assistant. Finally, she became manager of that same grooming shop.

Before long, both the climate and opportunity of Southern California beckoned and at twenty-one - with five years of solid pet care experience - Barbra moved to the West Coast. Soon after arrival, she began work as a groomer, while continuing her education with courses in business and video production. She developed a private practice as a full- time caregiver for pets owned by entertainment industry executives. After extensive research and drawing upon contacts made with the Veterinary teaching hospital at UC Davis and other practitioners, she developed an expertise in geriatric pet care.

In 1994, she founded Pet Spoilers, a successful pet care, dog walking, and pet-sitting business, which she sold in 1996. With a growing interest in the Internet, Barbra initiated plans for Doggie View. Barbra Waldare's backgrounds now merged, providing opportunity to use her training, experience and expertise, as well as her relationships with pet cares clients, to successfully operate the Doggie View Day Care Center.

Her business acumen, along with media awareness of her unique approach to combining pet care with the Internet, are the basis for continued expansion of Doggie View and the concept of dog lovers seeing their beloved companions while at day care, via the Internet. For the last 7 years Barbra has crisscrossed America consulting with entrepreneurs, successfully helping dozens establish their own dog day care businesses.

Now, based in Austin, Texas, Barbra offers a number of “how to do it” written packages, as well as on-location day care setups that include hands-on training. As her numerous clients attest, Barbra Waldare’s cost effective approach to establishing dog day care businesses enhances the value of her consulting services and is far-less costly than substantially more expensive start-up franchises in the dog day care marketplace.

What's Being Said

"After looking at franchises and being shocked at the high cost, I ran across Barbra's website, called her and got a whole different feeling than I got when I talked to the franchise people. I knew right away that Barbra cared, that she has a passion for what she is doing helping people get started - and for a much more reasonable fee. She helps you make the right decisions. She tells you what you need to know, even if that's not what you want to hear. She helps you be successful."

Rachel Song
Brooklyn, New York



Barbra Waldare