We provide the consulting and hands-on help you will need to open a successful dog day care business.

            Doggie View School

Do you have dates that you would like to attend our class on? Let me know! Though I cannot accommodate all requests, I'll do my best to fit your schedule.

About the class: This is a 3 day program designed to teach you all aspects of the dog day care industry. You'll receive hands on experience with groups of dogs (of all sizes and temperaments) and learn the business end of running a dog day care, giving you the hands-on experience and confidence you need to effectively manage your dog day care location.  Don't plan on sitting at a desk and taking notes - we'll be right in the thick of it to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Even better, I deliberately keep my class size small to make sure you get the maximum amount of face-time with me so you will get the attention you need to be successful.

Remember, when you choose Doggie View, you'll be working directly with me and getting the direct benefit of my decades of experience with the pet industry.  No trainees, no subcontractors, and no surprises: just you, me and the animals we love.  My goal isn't to offer the cheapest program out there, it's to offer the best - and I want to personally make sure that I'm accomplishing that!

Classes are held on weekdays only in Sarasota, Florida, West Chester (Philly area), Pennsylvania and Portland, Oregon. My classes are perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about running a dog day care (even if you're trying to figure out if this is the right industry for you!).

I can also train you and your staff together in your facility.

You'll also get: A dog day care how-to manual, employee manual, 5 year sample business plan, 5 hours of phone consultation and e-mail support.

You will also receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing 24 hours of coursework.

Some of the subjects we'll cover:

  • Dog screening
  • Dog socialization
  • Integration of dogs into playrooms
  • Introducing a new dog into the pack
  • Understanding how dogs communicate
  • Detecting early warning signs to prevent incidents
  • Walk and potty break procedures
  • Understanding different dog play styles
  • Organizing outdoor groups
  • How to decide on day care play groups
  • Proper play techniques
  • How to avoid dog fights
  • How to break up a dog fight if one occurs
  • Procedures if a dog is injured
  • How to keep the dogs happy
  • Working with different dog personalities
  • Learn how to resolve problems quickly with the dogs
  • How to read a dogs body language
  • Discuss cage free verses caged boarding
  • Day care keywords
  • Mock client interviews
  • Safety in the day care
  • Maintaining play areas
  • New client interviewing
  • Day care pricing structure
  • How to layout your day care with dog safety in mind
  • Employee interviewing and how to pick a good staff
  • Pricing structure for employees
  • How to keep clients happy
  • Is it better to lease or buy a location
  • What to ask when doing zoning & licensing research
  • Discuss conditional use & special use permits
  • Marketing
  • Daily Q&A sessions to cover each students specific needs

The price for this program is $2,699 per person.

If you want us to train you and/or your staff in your facility the price would be a flat fee of $5,000. The price includes all my travel costs.



From a past student:

I knew I loved dogs. I knew I had a good business background. But would I really love being in the dog business? That's why I attended Barbra's training at an established daycare - to see what day to day operations were like and whether I really wanted to pick up poo and mop pee after years of a cushy corporate lifestyle. The answer was a resounding YES! and Barbra taught me more than I could ever have expected. Better yet, she's still available for questions, advice and reassurance as my business grows in this challenging economy
- Anne Marie Hesson of New Orleans Dog Nanny

We also offer this program at a discounted rate with any Affiliate Program purchased. The class would be $1,500 for one person from the Affiliate purchase instead of $2,699.

You must complete a minimum of 24 hours in the day care to receive a certificate of completion.

Please contact us for more details, location of school and to sign up to reserve your spot. Please let us know what class you are interested in attending.

If you have e-mail spam control please look in your spam folder if you do not hear back from us within 48 hours.

Please note that your travel costs are not included in the tuition price for the Doggie View school. There will be no partial or full refunds once class is reserved and/or started. If you cannot make the class you will be rescheduled to the class of your choice. If you reschedule there may be a rescheduling fee applied if no one else was signed up for the rescheduled class.  The cost is determined by the price of my flight and hotel. If my travel arrangements have not been made yet then there will be no fee to rescheule the class. There is no guarantee how many dogs will be in the affiliates day care for the days of class.

What's Being Said

I heartily recommend Barbra's Doggie View School. I think it's a "must" for anyone considering getting into the Doggie Daycare business. Believe me, there is nothing that can take the place of "total immersion" into the life of a working facility. Being with all kinds of dogs, all different sizes and personalities, was an extremely beneficial experience. The practical knowledge you will gain from spending time in one of Barbra's facilities is invaluable.

Running a Doggie Daycare isn't just about playing with dogs -- you'll learn that on Day One!  It's a rough and tumble business, but Barbra's experience and her total willingness to share that experience will make you realize that if you really want to do it, this is the way.  Barbra's ongoing support over the past months has helped me a great deal.  So just do it!  At the end of the week you'll be "dog-tired", but much wiser and much more confident in the task ahead.

John McManus,
Toby's K-9 Kamp



Barbra Waldare