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Owners view pets differently than 10 years ago. "People are looking at their dogs as a person in the family." Said Barbra Waldare who owns and operates Doggie View Day Care in Studio City, Calif.. That's why she created Doggie View, a computer operated video system. She recommends it for people who work long hours and don't want to leave their pet alone at home.

Greg Orrante of North Hollywood uses the service daily. He works long hours as a production sound mixer for sit-coms, including NBC's Veronica's Closet. Similar software has been a lifesaver for him and Tango, his Golden Retriever puppy. "I'm at the studio 12 to 18 hours a day and can't leave, but it's easy to run into the office and log on." Orrante said. "It gives you a good feeling to see your dog running around playing. Tango's learned to use this tube - an 18-inch play tube, a kids toy. You throw in a ball and he goes through to get it. It'd fun to show my friends. 'Hey, there's my dog.' I feel like a proud parent."

You don't need a pass code to access the canine clientele at Waldare's Doggie View Web site (www.doggieview.com) and consequently, her system is often swamped. People nowhere near Studio City tune in to play time at Doggie View the way they'd watch their favorite soap opera. It's like a Hollywood fairy tale come true - Doggie View's Web site has made her a star of sorts. "These people - strangers - know me as the Doggie View Girl," she laughed.

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"After looking at franchises and being shocked at the high cost, I ran across Barbra's website, called her and got a whole different feeling than I got when I talked to the franchise people. I knew right away that Barbra cared, that she has a passion for what she is doing helping people get started - and for a much more reasonable fee. She helps you make the right decisions. She tells you what you need to know, even if that's not what you want to hear. She helps you be successful."

Rachel Song
Brooklyn, New York



Barbra Waldare