We provide the consulting and hands-on help you will need to open a successful dog day care business.

        On-Site Packages

Sometimes the best way to understand what you need is to see it in person, so I offer a variety of on-site consultations that allow us to meet in person and see what makes your business special from the ground up. You can choose from:

Affiliate Program $14,999 & $17,999: Instead of buying into a costly franchise, why not let me come out and help you get started on your own? You’ll own your business 100% with no continuing fees. We offer a 14 or 21-day on-site program.

7 Day Consultation $7,699: I spend 7 days on-site with you, helping with whatever you feel needs to be covered during that time.

5 Day Consultation $5,899: The same as the 7-day consultation, only shorter and less expensive. Great for when you need help on a smaller budget!

3 Day Location Search $3,599: I spend 3 days with you on-site to help you look for your dog day care location. You may also use the 3 days for an on-site consultation if you have already found a location.

1 Day Consultation $699- $1499: Just need a little bit of help?  No problem! I spend 1 day with you.  You can come to Austin, Texas, or I can come to you on-site for the day.

Why We’re Better: When you hire Doggie View you are not just buying a how-to book and a person to fly to your location.  You are paying for our experience and hard work to help you open a wonderful dog day care, and we can even help you integrate money makers into your business (like boarding, grooming, retail, and training) without any extra charge.  We offer these services exclusively to professionals who are serious about their businesses, and we’ll make sure that our prices won’t have you tucking your tail!

Please Note: All on-site packages include all my travel costs. There are no hidden fees.

All expenses are included in the consulting fee within the United States. There is an additional charge for consulting on-site outside of the United States and/or if you decide you want me to be at your location longer.

For questions regarding Doggie View's consulting packages please e-mail me or call 1-866-DOG-VIEW.  Please leave a message if you don't catch me!

If you have e-mail spam control please look in your spam folder if you do not hear back from us within 48 hours.

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What's Being Said

I knew I could run my own day care, but wasn't sure how to get started. I wanted help. I e-mailed owners of day cares whom I found on the web but no one returned my e-mails. I called my local area governments to find out about zoning, but it was a mish-mosh of information because they had never heard of doggie day cares. I hired a real estate broker to look for a location but in three months he only had one lead and it didn't pan out. I could not even seem to find local day cares. It seemed like an endless maze. But all that changed when I found Doggie View on-line. Doggie View helped me find a location in four days, when a "pro" couldn't do it in three months, and Doggie View was on the other side of the country. Unlike other consultants Barbra keeps you within your budget. She has endless ways of getting things done right without costing a fortune.

Anneliese Johnson,
Ana's Ark



Barbra Waldare