We provide the consulting and hands-on help you will need to open a successful dog day care business.

    The Mutt

Always a winning mix, The Mutt provides all of our most commonly-used tools and guides into an easy-to-use set! The Mutt includes a step-by-step instruction manual to open a dog day care, an employee manual, a sample business plan, e-mail and phone consultation.

Priced at $749 below is the breakdown of this package:

  • Operations/employee manual (digital copy)

  • Sample 5-year dog day care business plan with profit and loss estimates (digital copy)

  • Dog day care manual includes (digital copy)
    • Estimated start-up cost
    • What monthly expenses to expect
    • Example of dog day care layouts
    • Half wall construction examples
    • Safety recommendations
    • Selecting a location & zoning
    • Client and pet release forms
    • Non-disclosure / compete contract
    • Sample of day care policies
    • Daily charts for a smooth running day care
    • Marketing
    • Recommended inventory for startup
    • How to screen dogs for day care
    • Why dog walking is important
    • What licenses, permits and insurances you will need
    • Pricing recommendations
    • How to bring extra revenue into your dog day care
    • How to handle the dogs properly
    • Decorating your day care and why it's important
    • What type of flooring is recommended
    • Recommended air purifier for your day care
    • Recommended dog / employee ratio
    • Soundproofing
    • Recommended disinfectant for day care
    • Recommended outdoor fencing
    • Sample of daily report card
    • Sample of day care keywords
    • Sample of incase of emergency Veterinarian list
    • Sample of employee interview questions
    • Sample client questionnaire
    • Sample brochure
    • Recommended vendor list

  • Employee applications

  • 2 different books on dog training and behavior

  • 1 book on dog laws

  • 1 Pet first aid kit with manual

  • 3 variety length leashes

  • 7 variety size collars

  • 5 dog toys

  • 4 hours of phone consultation

  • E-mail support

For questions regarding Doggie View’s consulting packages please e-mail me or call 1-866-DOG-VIEW. Please leave a message if you don’t catch me!

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Breed Fun Facts

Mutts or also known as mixed breeds are truly special dogs. It has been said that mutts get the best of the breeds they are mixed with. Mutts are less likely to possess breed specific hereditary heath and behavioral problems. People who enjoy mixed breeds often value their one-of-a-kind appearance and characteristics. Until the early 1980s, mixed breeds were usually excluded from obedience competitions.


Barbra Waldare